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If you are new to our Studio we offer cost efficient Sample Package options for you.
You don’t know how you can benefit from Pilates but you want to try?
You were advised to practice Pilates for your aches and pain but you no nothing about it?

Choose the Private Sample Package! It contains 4 private sessions. On your first session you receive so much new information about your body posture, new movements and the Pilates principles that it is recommended to start with not just one trial class but with 3-4 classes. This package option helps you to get to know the Pilates technique well enough to make a decision on how to continue your practice with us (we have 5- and 10-session packages). And most importantly you will definitely feel positive changes on your body!

If you want to come with a friend, relative or colleague we recommend the Duo Sample Package. It contains 4 duo sessions. All the benefits above are valid for this package too. Although there is a plus to this pack: working out with a friend can bring about more motivation, more results and fun!

We offer a 2 + 2 Sample Package as well. It contains 2 group classes and 2 private sessions. With this package you can try all our class types!

Sample Packages:
- are valid for two weeks (14 days) from first booked class,
- can be purchased once when you are a newcomer.

Give it a go and contact us to book your first session!

Cancellation policy:
To prevent being charged for missed classes, twenty-four (24) hours' notice is required for any changes or cancellations of booked sessions.