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Anikó Lakos

My name is Anikó Lakos. I am the founder and lead instructor of Animus Pilates Studio. I conduct Private, Duo and Group Pilates Classes in Hungarian and in English as well.

Dance and sports have always played and important part in my life ever since my childhood. I had tried several directions before I ended up dancing Argentinean Tango. I have been practicing this beautiful dance since 1998 and I have been an instructor of Tango since 2001. I studied Recreation management and health development at the West-Hungarian University in Győr.

I have always had problems with my lower back as a dancer so I was looking for a type of exercising which gives me the ability to keep my spine healthy and flexible.
This is how I discovered Pilates which I first encountered in London, in 2003. Having noticed its benefits working on myself, it was easy to explore the possibilities in this technique. After a good deal of research I settled at 2 internationally acknowledged institutions (Stott Pilates and Michael King Pilates) to master the technique.
I keep revising and broadening my knowledge about Pilates by attending seminars in Hungary as well as foreign courses. I am comfortable with conducting classes both in English and in Hungarian, to the utmost satisfaction of those attending my classes. During my studies I had observed application of the Pilates technique during rehabilitation and pregnancy.

I used to instruct at different gyms and dance schools during my career and finally in January 2010 I opened my own Studio, Animus Pilates. I was looking for a name I could entirely identify with. 'Animus' is a word in Latin and its main meaning for me is awareness. The Pilates principles and movements are tools to teach you awareness while exercising. And as you grow more and more aware of your own movements and body posture and breathing outside classes as well, so you will become more open to everything else in your private life. I have a passion for teaching so I would like to show as many people as possible how beneficial Pilates could be. My aim is to convey the awareness and openness to you for you to be able to lead a healthier life in a healthier body and mind.

Lakos Anikó

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