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We offer group Pilates classes in English upon request in our fully equipped (small accessories and Reformer machines) Pilates studio.

Group Pilates classes follow the matwork repertoire where small accessories are used. Relaxing music helps you to unwind and focus fully. Through harmonious, slow and controlled movements you will improve your body-awareness, and strengthen and lengthen your muscles.
With the help of Pilates breathing technique, the day's accumulated stress will simply slide away.
During the class the spine is mobilised in every direction, improving or maintaining its flexibility. By the end of the class you will feel taller, and will move easily and lightly.

As our aim is to teach you how your body works and what you need to fix in your posture during each movement we take you through the class by verbal instructions. It is no use of copying somebody else’s body since everybody has different needs (in posture, flexibility or strength). This teaching technique allows us to make you focus and gain body awareness much easier.

Currently all Gruop Pilates classes are held in Hungarian.
Additional Group classes are launched upon request with minimum 4 people.

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