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Prengnet Pilates

Prenatal Pilates
As your baby grows, your body goes through a lot of changes. During pregnancy, your core requires greater stabilization due to those changes in your weight, posture and center of balance. On your Prenatal Pilates sessions we work on creating strength in your core muscles (Transversus Abdominis, pelvic floor and Multifidus) in order to help reduce some of the excessive pressure on the surrounding joints, muscles and bones. These deep core muscles play a very important role during pregnancy and also in assisting recovery from child birth. The best way to work out with the Pilates technique when pregnant is with a personal trainer. On our private classes we have the time to modify the movements for you and work in your speed.

Postnatal Pilates
We also welcome you on private Postantal Pilates classes if you recently gave birth and your doctor gave you the permission to exercise again. If your delivery was not so recent, but your baby lets you enjoy some free time for the first time, then you may choose this class to gain back your form in a clever and gentle way.
During your pregnancy your body changed a lot. These changes and the labor since your baby was born may give you some aches and pains. Your abdominals were stretched and your pelvic floor muscles were bearing a lot of load and now these muscles need to get their strength back so they can support you well again. During these classes we take special care of those muscles (the muscles of the core, the so-called 'Power house'). The exercises will make your natural belt muscle, your Transversus Abdominis, strong and firm again so you will get your shape back quicker. Moreover, this belt will stabilize your spine, so that it can be pain free and flexible again. We also give special attention to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor that bear a tremendous amount of pressure during your pregnancy and child birth.
These classes are just about you! Enjoy some free time working on your mind and body at the same time in a calming environment so you can go back to your little one stretched out and energized!

Postnatal Pilates