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  • Duane Floch

    ‘If you're looking for a Pilates Studio in Budapest, Animus Pilates is a jewel of a find located in heart of Budapest. I've enjoyed 10 weeks (2 or 3 times per week) of personal Pilates training from owner Aniko Lakos.She is kind, patient, fluent in English, and extremely knowledgeable about the body-mechanics of Pilates. I strongly recommend Animus Pilates. What an incredible experience it has been!’


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    Mandy Armstrong

    ‘Aniko is a thoughtful teacher that takes special interest in your personal goals and health. She does a wonderful job of creating visualizations for the exercises and always pays special attention to any issues you may be having on the day of class. I really enjoyed my private classes with Aniko and was so pleased with the changes I saw in my posture and strength. I would recommend Animus Pilates to any of my friends moving to Budapest!’


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    Josefin Jansson

    ‘For many years I have had troubles with my shoulders which have dislocated several times and caused me a great deal of distress. I was recommended to try Pilates to see if I could make an improvement. Just after a couple of months of lessons at Animus Pilates I find that I am more toned with a better control over my body and most importantly: I feel a huge improvement in the strength and stability of my shoulders!
    Practicing Pilates for Aniko is pure joy! She is not only an excellent teacher, she also has a great energy and enthusiasm that she brings to each class and gives you as the student a very pleasant environment to work in.’

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    Iris Okunor

    ‘Approximately 3-4 years ago, a friend of mine (who is also a client at Animus Pilates) introduced me to Aniko her instructor. I recall that at the time I had a lot of lower back and shoulder pain and although I was initially reluctant to try Pilates, I decided to give it a shot.
    It has not been an easy journey but with commitment and a lot of encouragement from Aniko I have (and still) enjoy the workout sessions. As I always say, it may seem like torture :-) but the benefits are worth the pain.’

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    Karlanna Lewis

    ‘Aniko is a creative and thoughtful Pilates teacher with amazing attention to detail and a constant variety of exercises that work the body in its full range of movement.
    I am a STOTT Pilates teacher myself in the United States and when I was working in Budapest I was very happy to find Animus Pilates, conveniently located in District VI, and offering both individual and group classes at reasonable prices. Aniko was very considerate to teach me in my native language, English, and not only that, but she always corrected my alignment with great cues and imagery.
    Anyone who seeks a functional and healthy mind-body exercise to improve muscle balance, posture and strength will benefit from Aniko's classes. Best of all, Aniko is very friendly so her lessons are as fun as they are challenging.’

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    Rebecca Morgan

    ‘I Thoroughly enjoyed my one-one Pilates sessions I took with Aniko of Animus Pilates, whilst recently working in Budapest.
    The studio is lovely, bright and airy as well as being very well equipt. I have taken Pilates classes for years, but found that in my sessions with Aniko, I could really pinpoint and concentrate on areas I need to improve, in order to progress with my Pilates work in the future. Aniko has great eye for detail and is wonderfully clear and knowledgeable in her teaching.
    Thanks Aniko!’

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    Klara Loranger

    ‘Having done Pilates classes for 6 years with numerous teachers, it was a joy to meet Anikó and experience her professionalism in both her private and group classes. Her teaching methods, clear explanations, and attention to detail with each student really solidified my knowledge of Pilates and helped me understand the method much more clearly, making each class more enjoyable, more challenging, and encouraging me to consistently strive to achieve better physical results. I also attended private classes during my pregnancy, which were a godsend, helping me stretch and strengthen carefully and thoroughly and understand how to do things a little differently as my belly grew. I cannot recommend Anikó highly enough.’

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    Nesrin Kaya

    ‘I had chronical neck and shoulder ache for 12 years. None of the treatments which I tried, worked out for my ache. After these, with a suggestion of my friend , I started to do pilates with Aniko. Its hard to believe but, after a short while from the beginning, most of my pain disappeared. For a long time I have been doing pilates regularly twice a week and I enjoy it very much. Most important part is that I feel myself very healty. I have decided to be a trainer as well, currently my researches are in progress. By courtesy of Aniko - through Aniko - thanks to Aniko (which one is correct, i dont know:)) I like to do pilates very much...
    Really thank you very much Aniko :))))) ’
    Update: Since Nesrin wrote these lines, she became a great Pilates Instructor. She teaches in her home country, Turkey.

  • Parianne Powell

    ‘I have really enjoyed taking pilates classes with Aniko. She is a highly professional instructor, who structures the classes to be be interesting and to keep providing a challenge. She explains the moves very clearly and can always provide additional advice and instruction. I have definitely made progress since taking these classes and would be happy to recommend her as a pilates teacher for all levels.’

  • Emma Davie

    ‘Aniko's studio and classes provided a wonderful respite from busy working life in Budapest. The studio is an oasis of calm and Aniko's gentle and precise teaching method is very effective, energising and enjoyable.’

  • Oksana Klepova

    ‘I chose Animus Pilates studio for the highly professional trainer Aniko who thanks to her deep knowledge of the pilates adapts the program to your personal objectives and explains why you need particular exercise and how it will influence the body. She also provides advices on the well-being and nutrition helping to achieve great overall physical state. Being very caring person, Aniko creates unique atmosphere of harmony, relaxation and positive thinking. It is a true pleasure to come to her studio! ’

  • Lucia Apollo Shaw

    ‘I found Animus Pilates via a google search preparing for a trip to Hungary. As a pilates instructor in the US, I thought it'd be fun to connect with a studio abroad while traveling and get a workout in as well. Aniko's studio was a wonderful space. Bright, plenty of space and lots of props. She immediately put me at ease (she's Stott trained and I'm not so I was a little nervous I wouldn't know what to do). Aniko is a natural. She immediately sensed what my body needed after a brief postural assessment and her queues were great. She's well studied, understands how the body moves and would be a fantastic teacher for anyone really from an athlete, dancer, someone seeking rehabilitation or who just wants to move better. If you are in Budapest be sure to stop into her studio...really a quiet oasis in the city!’