My name is Anikó Lakos. Welcome to my page.

I opened Animus Pilates Studio in 2010 to create the perfect environment for
a truly positive movement experience.
I conduct 1 on 1, Duo, and Studio Pilates sessions in my fully equipped studio
in the heart of Budapest. 

Our body is designed for movement. It should carry us with ease every day. However, our daily lives require us to sit all day or just simply stay in the same position for too long periods of time. So our human home is compromised and slowly but surely signals that it needs care, kindness, and a variety of movements.

I believe that with my teaching skills I can give you tools to take care of your body well.

In my interpretation, the Pilates method is a way to dive into the body and experience full awareness and wisdom of the human home. An invitation to slow down and be in the present, guidance to find balance and freedom of movement.

"Change happens through movement and movement heals."
Joseph H. Pilates

My world




I am ever so grateful for my clients who were willing to share their experiences. Please welcome their insights to the Method.