1 on 1 & Duo Pilates

My Studio is equipped with numerous small accessories and all the necessary Studio equipment (Reformer: the most popular Pilates equipment; Chair, Trapeze table, Ladder Barrel, Spine correctors).

1 on 1  and Duo sessions are also available in English.

1 on 1 sessions are the most efficient and variable as we can use the benefit of all the different small accessories as well as the Pilates equipment. During these sessions, I can fully personalize the exercises to your needs. The wider the repertoire, the more fun and beneficial the training!

Your first 1 on 1 Private Pilates session starts with an assessment of your physical condition, lifestyle, postural analysis, personal needs, and goals.

Private Pilates training is also an option as further focussed training after post-injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation.

The Duo Pilates option is a cost-efficient alternative to 1 on 1 session. You can join someone who is seeking a training partner. Or you can sign up with a friend, your partner, a colleague, or as a mother and daughter.