For all classes, please Book at least a few days in advance.

Booking and Cancellation policy:
To book a session I require payment in advance.
Please note that I work with a 24 hours cancellation policy. To prevent being charged for missed classes, twenty-four (24) hours notice is required for any changes or cancellations of booked sessions.

The prices are subject to change at any time.
The different allowances cannot be combined.
The Packages are not transferable.

1 on 1 Pilates

1 on 1 PilatesPrice
1 session16 000 HUF

1 on 1 Pilates sessions are for you if:
- you wish to tailor your Pilates sessions perfectly according to your needs.
- your schedule requires a flexible routine.
- you are pregnant.
- you wish to go back to movement after pregnancy.
- if you wish to continue your recovery and want to keep training and improving after you've finished rehabilitation (after surgery or injury).

Duo Pilates

Duo Pilates HUF / Person
1 session9 500 HUF / person

Duo Pilates sessions are for the two of you only.
This is the best choice for you if you wish to start your Pilates journey together and you favor a cost-efficient option while still getting personalized cues and attention.
Sign up with a friend, your partner, a colleague, or as a mother and daughter.
After 1 on 1 sessions clients often look for a Duo partner to join. I always bring people together with the utmost respect for their individual journey, hence they can seamlessly continue improving while becoming part of a small community.

Studio Pilates

Studio PilatesHUF / Person
1 Session7 000 HUF / person
3 Session22 500 HUF / person
5 Session35 000 HUF / person

Studio sessions are held with a maximum of 5-6 people joining.

Important to note: Before you join an ongoing Studio session I ask you to take min. 3-4 1on1 sessions in advance. You may need 3-4 sessions to join if you are a newcomer to our studio and/or you are not familiar with the Pilates method and the Pilates equipment.
On 1 on 1 sessions you'll learn: how to align and organize your body optimally; what is the purpose of the Pilates equipment.; how to approach and use the Pilates equipment safely. Furthermore, you'll learn about my Pilates and movement teaching concept as it is quite different from the now very popular Reformer group classes' agenda.

To ask about a new Studio class in English please visit the Booking form to inquire.

Packages are valid for 6 weeks (42 days from the 1st session).