For all classes, please Book at least 24 hours in advance, as I would like to be prepared for YOU!

Cancellation policy:
Please note that I work with a 24 hours cancellation policy. To prevent being charged for missed classes, twenty-four (24) hours notice is required for any changes or cancellations of booked sessions.

Package validation: All Packages are valid for 6 weeks (42 days from the 1st session).

The prices are subject to change at any time.
The different allowances cannot be combined.
The Packages are not transferable.

1 on 1 Pilates

1 on 1 PilatesPrice
1 session12 000 HUF
3 session30 000 HUF
5 session45 000 HUF

Studio Pilates

Studio PilatesHUF / Person
1 Session 6 000 HUF
3 Session 16 500 HUF
5 Session25 000 HUF

Studio sessions are held with a maximum of 4 people joining.
Important to note: Before you join a Studio session I ask you to take min. 1-4 1on1 sessions in advance. You may need 3-4 sessions to join if you are a newcomer to our studio and/or you are not familiar with the Pilates method and the Pilates equipment.

Online Pilates

Online Pilates - 1 on 1Prices
1 session12 000 Ft
5 sessions45 000 Ft
Online Pilates - Group matPrices
1 alkalom5 000 Ft
5 sessions21 000 Ft

The max. number of participants on an Online group class is 8.